Thursday, January 31, 2008

Under the Radar -Last Call for Nominations

Final selections are being made for Under the Radar's Business of Web Apps Conference scheduled at the Microsoft Campus in Mountain View (CA) on the 19th-20th March 2008.

You can find the application form by following this link.

Under the Radar (Spring) plans to uncover 32 startups, that have launched within the year, showcasing the newest web apps created by developers with a quest for innovation and a tendency towards disruption. Having launched numerous companies into startup stardom, acquisition and beyond, Under the Radar bills itself as 'the most discerning and reliable platform today for discovering tomorrow's leading technology companies'.

The idea is for the companies to demo their product to a panel of industry experts in front of an audience of early-adopter technology insiders, with plenty of Q&A planned into the session.

This time round, the organisers are particularly keen to get stuck into the web backend and virtualization plays, so companies (especially disruptive ones) in these areas will be favoured.

Nominations close tomorrow, so apply now to get yourself on the radar.

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