Thursday, January 24, 2008

23 and me presents at DLD 08

MUNICH -I was chatting to a friend last night who was at the DLD 08 in Munich this week and he was telling me about a presentation from a company called '23 and me'. For a modest fee of $999, they offer to give you a full DNA test from a saliva sample and then, through various online tools, allow you to explore your genetic heritage (from whether you have your mother's sense of taste to whether you are likely to suffer from specific genetically-inherited diseases). They bill this 'your personal genome service'.

Whether you love or hate the idea, the business proposition is appealing-we are all inherently curious, so who wouldn't jump at the opportunity to say to their partner 'I'd love to help you with your chores/shopping/in-laws/DIY but I am not genetically pre-disposed to do so'....

You can check out this fascinating prospect at

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  1. Hola Ric!
    My comment went quickly in your blogg. Thanks ;-)
    Indeed, the feedback at the DLD was quite emotional. Many people seem to worry that these cheap test will be a quite a threat for your personal data.
    Imagine this tool in the hands of assurances who just want to know the risk of taking one person or not....

    Best, Holger