Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fugumobile -One to Watch #5

SHANGHAI -Mobile Gaming experienced substantial growth a few years ago, with many companies entering the fray and was followed by the inevitable wave of consolidation. Today, Mobile Gaming is hot again. The global mobile entertainment market is expected to increase from $20bn in 2007 to $64 by 2012, according to Juniper Research.Mobile games will rank second in terms of end-user generated revenues, boosted by rapid growth in mass market casual gaming. Revenues are expected to rise from just under $5bn in 2007 to nearly $16bn in 2012.

With higher bandwidth available for 3G, China is expected to fuel a substantial proportion of this growth, so it is worth taking a look at some of the companies active in the market there. One of the 'happening' companies of the moment is Fugumobile, which focusses both on the consumer game market (examples include 'Urban Combat') and in delivering customised gaming solutions for mobile advertising campaigns.

Fugumobile recently won the accolade of the Red Herring 100 Asia Award, in recognition of its cutting-edge mobile solutions. CEO Ranjit Singh also delivered a keynote at the recent Mobile Asia Congress in Macau, taking a seat with the top regional heavyweight in the mobile entertainment industry.

An important additional advantage of Fugumobile is that they have one foot in India as well as one in China, given its founders' Ravi Shankar Bose and Ranjit Singh Indian origins (they decamped to China 7 years ago to establish Fugumobile) -so could stand to benefit from both markets' future dynamism.

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