Wednesday, January 30, 2008

KitKat France Viral Video Marketing Campaign

KitKat (Nestle') France & JWT have come up with an exquisite 3D-effect digital marketing campaign that is tied in to their 'Ultimate Break/Win a Trip in Space' campaign.Not only is the execution of this computer animated short by AkamaStudio wonderful, but so is the timing.

A stressed stockbroker executive facing heavy losses...see any connection to the (in)famous trader at French bank SocGen who managed to accumulate trading losses of $7bn only last week?

The campaign call-to-action is for consumers to access the promotional website or to SMS a code via their mobile handset. What is a little surprising for such a brilliant campaign is that no mobile application (be it a game or other gimmick) or mobile site was built to go with it. This shows that despite the inroads mobile advertising is making in general, big brands are still reticent to capitalise reaching out to consumers through this channel -in my opinion, a missed opportunity.

Maybe the CMO Forum, organised by Ogilvy Worldwide in conjuntion with the GSMA at next month's Mobile World Congress, will go some way to bridge the 'mobile gap' between advertisers and the mobile industry...

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, the 'trip in space' prize offered is genuine and is apparently worth a cool €147,000...not a bad return on a few crispy chocolate sticks...


  1. Ric - It was interesting to read this. Nestle clearly need help to understand the opportunities from mobile in other regions too. They are running a win 20 pounds competition in the UK which works well but then falls down at the end because they don't engage the customer. Read what they did at

  2. Martin -thanks for your comment. I absolutely agree that it is imperative for advertisers to ensure a clear follow-through action for their mobile campaigns that encompasses every aspect of the mobile experience -including a fully functional mobile website.

    Media agencies have a key role to play in educating big brands to fully embrace the mobile arena, with the enticement of juicy returns for those brands seen as breaking new ground in this field.

    The CMO/Ogilvy Worldwide Forum jointly held last month in Barcelona was sold out, one of the indicators that significant inroads in this area are imminent.