Monday, February 4, 2008

Richard Windsor's Mobile Predictions

I was following an interview that Richard Windsor, a leading mobile analyst over at Japanese bank Nomura, was giving recently to the CNBC network and jotted down some of his thoughts for what is ahead for the mobile sector. He was quoted heavily quite recently for his comments on Motorola's handset business, but had other insights to offer:

On Russia, he said to keep eyes peeled on a massive rollout of 3G infrastructure this year throughout the country, in what promises to be a key investment year over there.

On China, he expects a massive hike in 3G capital investment instead to take place in 2009, with key upgrades to infrastructure planned for that time

Unsurprisingly, Richard mentioned that 2008 is going to be tougher for operators, and he expected them to shave off Capex spend from their budgets as they brace themselves for potential consumer slowdown in spending

On HSDPA, he confirmed what is a general feeling out there, and that is that the technology, while in demand, is still patently too expensive for the average Joe and backed this up with lower shipment numbers of HSDPA-enabled handsets worldwide.He expected a pick-up in shipments for 2009.

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