Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Picsel -One to Watch #8

Glasgow-based Picsel has emerged from what is know as Silicon Glen to become a world leading mobile software company. It is being praised from all corners for delivering a great solution to a painful problem -viewing detailed graphics on a mobile screen.

Picsel uses Flash technology to render web pages on mobile devices, allowing users to zoom in and out with no loss of picture quality. They also offer a document viewer that allows users to flick through graphics-heavy powerpoint presentations in a flash.Some claim it is even better than iPhone's Safari browser.

Picsel is now working on a rendering solution for streaming online video content.Meanwhile, their ePage mobile browser is getting better and better, with competitor browser companies running for cover. Picsel's Attachment Solution also offers a neat answer to those bulky PDF files, by storing the entire attachment on a server and splitting them into individual pages -so you can get at what you need faster.

Awarded with the Red Herring Global 100 Winner accolade last December, Picsel will be one to watch at the Mobile World Congress. I for one will be checking them out at Stand

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