Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Taking tablets into the workplace -new security paradigm required?

I previously covered the rise of enterprise tablet apps as the mobile computing solution of the future within my blog here: Tablets as the new PC.

This raises some very valid questions around data security, especially when personal tablets are brought into the workplace (a stopgap solution which is a reality today as companies gear up for the future).

Recent research by Gemalto shows that breaches of tablet security are one of the key things keeping CIOs awake at night. Other concerns include managing cost cuts as IT budgets are reduced, though lightweight mobile solutions adopting a SaaS model can provide some great value-for-money vis-a-vis traditional Pc-based over-engineered software systems.

You can see the full Infographic below with some interesting detail of regional differences in attitude to security in general and tablet usage in particular.

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