Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mobile, Domains & The Future

“Mobile, Domains & The Future” is the first book by Javier Marti. In the past, books about the mobile environment have been exclusively focused either on the technical or on the sociological impact of the mobile web, resulting in a poor learning experience for the average person or domainer. “Mobile, Domains & The Future” integrates figures, advice and information on the world of domain names, future trends in the mobile arena, the .mobi extension and domainers’ personal stories, the debate on which mobile extension “is better” or will prevail over others, the logic behind domaining, potential threats along the way -search engines redirection, dependency and addiction, economic crisis…- and much more.

All this information is presented in a non-technical manner with pictures and graphs accompanying the text. This is also the ideal book for any lay person to read in order to get up to speed in the mobile web and the domaining world.

However, this book is not only for the “newbies”. For the experienced developer, content provider or investor with an interest in “mobile”, this unmissable book’s passages provide multiple sources of inspiration and ideas while effectively drawing our attention to new or creative sources of revenue and potential business contacts.

This first book by Javier Marti also contains articles or extracts from a number of guest authors on several subjects: from SEO, to traditional and web Marketing, to potential future values for different domain extensions.

Since Javier Marti is an independent author, the tone of the book is as impartial and objective, although there is a clear tendency throughout its pages to consider and expose domaining as a perfectly valid business activity, and a potential opportunity for financial freedom -if approached from on a sensible manner- for average individuals. This opportunity is explained in great detail.

The book also includes a section where we get to meet domainers and hear about their personal views through their own words, when they answer a standard questionnaire about their activities, motivations and future plans. Here we see the human face of domaining, and the personal stories behind those pioneers shaping the future of the Mobile Web today.

The book is free to download at:

I recommend you take a (free) look at it...