Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Mobile Internet Conference, Berlin -Initial Musings

'Hand'-set no more

One of the more interesting insights from Day 1 of the conference was the idea that mobile handsets are 'not just for the hand' -with new uses for mobile devices (Mobile TV to name but one)-creating new needs for handset manufacturers to consider within their product design...maybe the term 'handset' will eventually cease to be associated with mobile.

Device Connectivity

This links to an important discussion on Day 2 around the connectivity of devices -everyone agrees that all devices (cameras, gaming consoles etc) will feature connectivity in the near future, accessing whichever is the best Value-for-Money network available at any given time, whether Mobile, Wi-Fi etc.

Connection Cost

In a discussion around the barriers to stimulating growth in the mobile internet, the cost of data transfer came up time and again...various operators presented their vision on Day 2, outlining how flat rates was the way to go...with prices ranging from €10 to €30 a month for 'unlimited' data transfer...still, if we look at countries like Korea with a €4 monthly flat rate it would seem there is still some way to go in Europe...

Mobile Advertising Inventory

Antonio Vince Stabyl, CEO of Gofresh, made an excellent point about the sheer lack of mobile advertising inventory as a real barrier to getting ad agencies and their clients to pump more of their advertising dollars through the mobile medium...a clear business opportunity all but a few seem to be grasping

Social Networks and Stickiness

He also made a good point about the mobile phone address book being 'the' preferred social network for every user -again, not always exploited to its full potential. Through their portal, Antonio's company offers a range of UGC categorised into different channels and he noted that the key thing in creating a 'sticky' mobile community was the ease of uploading photos/video etc to the medium..make it difficult and you make it likely for members to shop around for an alternative.