Friday, March 14, 2008

Golden Gekko -One To Watch #9

Founded in London in 2005, Golden Gekko has been pushing the boundaries of mobile marketing since its inception, with the innovative use of widely accessible mobile applications to support multi-channel branding and advertising campaigns for world-recognised brands like Absolut Vodka, Coca Cola and Nicotinell.

It also successfully raised an undisclosed amount of venture capital from ACP Partners in 2007 which is underpinning its expansion in new markets and a widening of its already ample product portfolio.

The mobile marketing community is appreciative of Golden Gekko's innovation and at the Mobile Marketing Awards 2008 celebrated in London earlier this month, the company stole a march on its competitors by winning a 'double whammy' of both "Best use of content in mobile marketing" and "Best use of mobile in brand building" for their Lynx ‘Get in There’ campaign in association with BBH.

This follows hot on the heels of the BIMA Award obtained in 2007 for "Best Use in Mobile" for the
Air Action Vigorsol (chewing gum) campaign also with BBH.

Golden Gekko is developing a new type of application that it plans to roll out 'shortly' that it claims will set a new standard for mobile marketing...could it be what they require to win the coveted 'Best Use of Mobile in Driving Revenue' award next time round?

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