Friday, January 6, 2012

In-Car Mobile Apps: the future of Telematics on show in Munich

In-Car Mobile Apps: the future of Telematics on show in Munich

MUNICH -Car manufacturers have had a rough ride since 2008, with a drop in consumer demand leading to government bailouts and corporate restructuring. 

But, the good news is that sales since last year have begun to pick up and car manufacturers are focusing on new technology to differentiate their products. The Fiat Group was one of the early innovators, with their Blue&Me partnership with Microsoft allowing drivers to make calls, navigate and use apps from connected mobile devices.

Ford is signaling their intention to innovate in this area as well by making a special appearance at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month and discuss their view of the market opportunity for the mobile sector and telematics in the automative sector.One of the areas where developments are anticipated is in self-diagnosis apps allowing drivers to access car diagnostics, schedule maintenance and review their driving performance.

This is big change and an area worth keeping abreast of.

Telematics Update is organising an event called “Content & Apps for Automotive Europe 2012”,scheduled for 18th-19th April, 2012 in Munich, Germany. It is designed to give attendees key insights on how in-vehicle connectivity is being revolutionised as OEMs integrate dynamic content to stay relevant throughout the vehicle life cycle.

Fiat, Ford, Volvo, Jaguar Land Rover, Nokia, Harman, Denso, QNX, Chleon, Magneti Marelli, Continental, The Linux Foundation, Telenor and many more will discuss their content & apps strategies.

The conference will attract over 250 senior-level delegates dedicated to integration of  in-car content and the related business models, you will be able to attend over 30 business-focussed sessions and hear from over 30 top-class speakers.

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