Monday, February 22, 2010

Mobile World Congress 2010 (#mwc10) Summary

BARCELONA-With the MWC maelstrom over, now is a good time for me to reflect on last week's show and share my thoughts about the experience.

This was my fourth Mobile World Congress and while it may not put me in the Veterans Club (and my repeated meetings with mobilists from the 'Cannes days' made me keenly aware of this), it does give me some insight into how the mobile ecosystem is evolving, at least since the dawn of the 'Mobile 2.0' days.

Overall, attendance was probably lower than last year and the fill-rate of the trade floor was below 100%, but this was no surprise. What surprised me was the general positive feeling (especially compared to last year) amongst participants that 'the worst was over'. In fact, the show was buzzier than many people had expected and there was clear evidence that while some incumbents were still in the doldrums (read mobile operators), newcomers were seeing decent growth (read content developers).

The App Planet may have been physically located at the far end of the show but in terms of buzz, it sat squarely in the centre of the show. Ok, there were some companies in Hall 7 that could only loosely be associated with Apps, but it was here that the various developer conferences took place and that the smaller, innovative content companies were to be found.

The WipJam event on the last day of the show tackled many of the challenges facing developers in the increasingly competitive world of apps (kudos to Caroline & the team for a great event):

-how do you get your app to be discovered
- how do you monetize your apps
- how do you create addictive apps
-how do you sell cross-platform

and many more issues.

I took part in two discussion groups on ‘Marketing Apps’ and ‘Features of Addictive Apps’. Both were extremely valuable. From the first one, I took away some interesting points on 'app discoverability' using Pinch/Flurry tools as well as a pointer to the presentation below from Mobile Monday Silicon Valley: be continued...