Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Facebook and Nielsen launch joint ad effectiveness product

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook new COO, more recently VP of Global Ad Sales at Google, talked today to the press about the launch of the joint Nielsen/Facebook product to measure the effectivess of ad campaigns on Facebook web and mobile platforms.

Dubbed Nielsen Brand Lift, the new service is designed to help Facebook demonstrate that online ads on their social network are effective...as Facebook is expected to turnover more than $500m in the latest reporting year (most of which from ad sales), it is essential that they convince advertisers that this ad spend pays off. Ad sales for Facebook increased more than 70% this year compared to last year thanks to its growing user base, now exceeding 300m globally.

After their acquisition of Friendfeed earlier in the year, Facebook steps on the gas again to maintain its social networking supremacy and introduce a tool that will undoubtedly help justify ad spend. This is even more important as more and more of their users move to the mobile platform in order to educate advertisers of the high impact and effectiveness of this medium.