Monday, May 25, 2009

Mobile 2.0 Europe-Future of Mobile Explored

BARCELONA- Mobile 2.0 lands in Barcelona once again next month courtesy of Rudy and Carles of Dotopen and is set to pack a real punch with the main conference on the 19th June being supplemented by a Developer Day the day before.

The main themes of what is now the 5th Mobile 2.0 event in the series (after the initial event in San Francisco) will be: Openness, Beyond Free, Play, Cloud, Context and Sense. Based on the various events I attended this year and the current phase of the global economic cycle, I anticipate that the whole area of new business models within the Beyond Free track of the event will stimulate the most debate.

The thinking up to last year was 'what is free on the web, cannot be charged for on mobile', but perhaps it is time to update this credo as the quality and performance of the mobile experience improves (and not just on smartphone devices).

The speaker line-up features the larger than life founder of Zyb, Tommy Ahlers and Marco Ahtisaari, CEO of Dopplr. Marco was in Barcelona last week to speak at the SIME Barcelona event, and announced there the future release of a Dopplr app on the iPhone and a re-orientation of their business to more of a 'Social Atlas' (read Social Network). It will be interesting to get his views on the future for mobile social networking..

You can find more info on the event here